I never thought I'd have a reason to hate the things I've done
I've always been decent, no danger to anyone
But the wake of ashes I've left behind is like a killer's smoking gun
And The promises I've made are worthless, just another excuse to run
Just another excuse to run
Oh another excuse to run
All the promises I've made are just
Another excuse to run

When I wake up in the morning I hope to see you're there
But I ain't holding on to any promises made in the dark
Daylight seems to solve a lot of our midnight problems
But it's hell starting over every time the hand moves round the clock


I don't miss my home cause it wasn't any warmer than you
But i remember how good it felt to have a place, cold as it was
I wouldn't wish my past on anyone unless they meant to hurt you
Sometimes loneliness is all a man deserves

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