Hello I recently got a new guitar off a classified site. It has one active and one passive it wasn't wired. I am just trying to wire the one active an emg 81 and one volume knob. From what I understand the white cable coming from the pickup should have 2 wires a hot and a ground but im only seeing one wite wrapped in like a braid. Links to pics here. I know some wires are red I just ran out of wire.

If you cut the white wire and strip it, you'll most likely see something along the lines of this:

This is a shielded wire, ignoring all the extra layers as this is a heavier gauge wire, would be used in high current situations. Anyway, the outer layer of wire (the braided section) should be ground, and the inner layer (will be insulated from the shielding) should be hot. That being said, I don't know much about emg, but I'm pretty sure they use black wire, meaning the white wire is most likely off the passive pickup. Take the Emg out and double check. Emg's (as far as I know) use THREE wires, not two, as it needs power from the 9v.

If you're going for single volume and no tone, this should do ya good: