Hey all, like the title says, I need a little help figure out how this works. I've played guitar for a while, then I got out of it for about 2 years, I picked up and plucked on it here and there, but I've gotten back into. I'm starting all over, when I first started I developed the horrible habbit of learning from tabs. I can kind of figure out songs by ear, but I want to just start fresh and basically pretend I've never touched a guitar. I also didn't learn a lot of chords before, so I'm working on that. But I got a Keith Merrow 7 string. I've always loved the detuned sound, and I found I like the tuning Ab Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb. I like the sound of the Low A, but I don't like everything tuned down crazy low. I've read and watched videos saying as long as the string intervals? I guess is the right word is kept the same then you would play chords the same way, they would just sound lower, which in my case would be a half step lower. I know the low A and E have extra whole step difference. So when I'm playing a chord on the 7th string would I just have to move my finger up 2 frets to compensate for that? Also when I'm learning scales, is it the same as with chords, just play them normal, but it'll be a half step lower? I know most people will just say learn in standard and when I get that down then start detuning. I just want to start with this tuning because I like the sounds, that's the tuning I would use whenever I can start writing full songs, so I'd just rather stick with it. Any replies is appreciated, Thanks

Also, sorry if it doesn't make sense about the tunings, I tried.
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