Looking for a tube amp head for marshally, classic rock tones like AC/DC but on a budget of under £250 as i'm buying a 2x12 cab and pedals to go along with it. I also don't want it to be to loud for home use, might perform on stages here and there but would want to keep quiet at home.
Some heads i've been looking at are -
-Bugera G5 Infinium
-Bugera V22HD Infinium 22
-Orange MT Micro Terror Head MT20
-SubZero Tube-H50R (worried that this might be too loud)
From those options, i think the bugeras would be the best choice. What's the wattage you are looking for? 1, 5, 20? If so, take a look at the Blackstar ht 1 and ht 5.
Used Peavey ValveKing 1st generation.

Peavey Windsor may work well here.

Classic 30.

Tons of options.
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everything will be too loud for home use if you want to crank it

if you're ok with preamp distortion then it should be ok. but wattage doesn't always (or even often) tell you what sounds best at home volumes.

look into jet city. they're hard to beat for what they cost on thomann. probably some of the lower gain models (which i haven't tried).
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Bugera makes some fine tube amps for a good price. Idk about using a 2x12 might just want to get the v5 infinium like i did unless you want to play metal at which point you should go solid state. As we all know no tube amp is the best for metal and you have to add DIGITAL pedals to make it sound good for metal. therefore you need solid state for that sound. Ive been studying this shit for 13 years trust me.... ive played it all. No tube amp made a decent enough metal tone for me without some kind of eq pedal or OD pedal.

I find it disgusting to hear bands be like "o my tube amp is the key to my metal tone" and then they shove 1-3 OD and dist pedals in front of it and worse yet these days people run axe FX into tube amps being like omg my tube tone is so great but its really just the dam digital software they are using.

One of my favorite bands uses EVH 5150s and use axe fx to get their tone. Its chill that they are using 2x12 combos to gig and that's awesome to hear and their music is great, but they pump all that digitalness -_-

Solid state = metal

Tube = everything else.....

But u want marshall tone and the bugera v5 does that for me so it should work for you. Just had to rant didnt I XD
Definitely Jet City for those tones at that budget. My JCA22H sounds great and can be played quiet enough for home use.
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