About an hour ago, I submitted chords for a song that hasn't been tabbed before - there isn't even a record of the lyrics anywhere on the internet. It took me several hours to work out the chords and transcribe the lyrics, and I was excited to be able to sing and play the song. However, as soon as a clicked "submit," the tab disappeared! Ultimate Guitar told me my tab is pending approval and has to go through a voting process, which is fine, but I can't access the tab anywhere. I created another account to see if it appears in the "awaiting approval" section, but it's not there. I'm very frustrated and disappointed because I put a lot of work into this tab, and now I'm not sure if it even exists.
Is there any way I can access it again??
1) Do not make another account; that's against TOS.
2) Give the name and artist and I'll look.
3) It sometimes takes a while for the tab to appear depending on if it's a new artist or not.
4) It's wise to keep an extra copy in the case that your tab disappears. There is always room for tech difficulties to strike.