It is interesting to see what he had in his gear locker:


There are quite a few amps as well, and the interesting thing that I was was a fretless Vigier guitar.
Should be interesting but Greeny is already gone and so is Stripe
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I really want that 63 strat wonder if I can pay it off for the rest of my life. some of those prices seem really low. that strat has to be worth that much with out it being gary's . I'd think that since he owned the gear that it would have a higher estimate. would also like to have the 59 historic LP as I'm guessing he was playing it at shows at least.

oops not a real 63 and not the strat from the jimi show. oh well still want it.
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These are his spare guitars. The Firebird has seen live action, there's a picture of him playing it. Don't forget that these are opening bid valuations, they'll go up as people start raising them.

he played that LP jr with Thin Lizzy at times as well. I imagine that he used many of the guitars live at least on a few occasions. sad time to be poor as owning one of gary's guitars would be awesome. he's a huge influence on my playing.
Gotta say, I like the looks of that Firebird too.
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