Hey guys, so I got an amp (went with a burgers vintage, it was cheap) and since the amp didn't cost much a have a bit left over for a guitar.
I have a Gibson les Paul with a 57 classic and a 57 classic plus as my main guitar, so all I'll use the other guitar for is a backup for stage use invade I break a string or something or to very occasionally just play.
Some things I'd like; a maple fretboard is a plus, as are single coils since I cool tap my les Paul pretty much all the time, and needs to sound good enough to be useable. What I mean by that is that I do have a squire strat (I use it to give lessons) it doesn't sound good enough to be useable. It's tinny and thin sounding and just no good.
So is there a cheap guitar that will give me a better quality sound than a squire for just a couple hundred bucks? $300 would be pushing it, but I may consider it for a guitar I liked.
Thanks guys. I'd rather have real people's opinions than companies up selling products.

Also, bright and gaudy is a plus too
Look for G&L Tributes. You should be able to find something used in that price range used or B-stock. Here's an example of a search I did on Reverb.com:

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Honestly, take a look at the higher-end Squiers - the Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe ranges in particular, and see if you don't like the sound of those. The '50s CV models have maple fretboards - as God intended - and Alnico pickups. If you still think those are too thin, you may want to be looking at P-90s rather than Fender singlecoils.
I had an mim fender strat with 50s fender single coils and it was awesome. I wish I hadn't sold it really. It sounded great. This squire I have just happens to be exceptionally thin and high pitched. It sounds the same with the highs rolled down as with my les Paul cool tapped and the highs all the way up and the low and mids rolled completely off. Horrible.
But okay. I never would have thought of g&l
Buy an off-brand like Agile or Reville. Great-sounding guitars that don't break the bank!

And heck, at some of their prices, you may even have $ leftover to mess with swapping out pickups or getting a full fret level.
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