Hi all,

I've only been playing for about 18 months and and improving at a steady rate.

The first electric I bought was the Squier telecaster starter pack which came with the small amp.

I got restless with it recently so I stripped it, changed the pickups and electrics, repainted it etc.

I fitted it all together myself after watching various YouTube videos and also did the set up myself. It took a bit of tweaking to get the action to where I thought it should be because there was a bit of string deadening when bending on the high strings which I managed to sort and some buzz around the 3rd and 4th frets which I improved slightly with the truss rod.

The neck was an unglossed maple neck and fingerboard which I sanded the back to smoothen it a bit.

My question is this. I have no real experience of other necks and am not sure if it plays well or not. I play it a lot and manage to make something resembling music. Is there a way of improving its playability?

a fret dress might help, but only if your frets have worn down already
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It's hard to really know what's easy for you to play unless you go to stores and play lots of guitars. I've been playing for about 7 years, all of it on a piece of crap First Act. I'm LONG overdue for an upgrade, but I've been a broke student. The amazing thing about learning to play on a piece of crap, for me, is that anything else I play feels great. I mean, I can easily play Les Pauls, Teles, Strats, they all feel absolutely great. But Ibanez necks are literally heaven. You can't do much to improve your guitar, you've already done more than most people bother with, so I suggest you patiently learn and start trying other guitars to get an idea of what feels good to you.
are there any guitar shops by you?

if so, go down, sit in there and play a few guitars, ideally a few telecasters of various specs (special editions, MIM, MIA, etc.) and see what you want it to feel like, then identify the differences between it and yours (action, fret style, set-up etc) and then try and replicate it, if you have a squier telecaster and you like the feel of a fender tele then you're by no means going to be able to replicate the quality of the hardware, but you can try your hardest to replicate the set-up & action. it may well be that the neck profile of the one you like is different, it may well be you just need a fret dress as Dave_Mc said. it might just be you need to tweak the truss rod and mess about with the bridge.

you need to find out what you want before you try and aim for it.
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The only way you'll know if you need a new guitar is go play some at a store.

When I got my first "real" guitar after the Squire, my playing improved immensely. Those are pretty much for people not sure if they want to stick with it.

You've stuck with it for 18 months, so I'd say you are serious about it. Move on...get a MIM tele if you like teles....or some other low/mid range guitar.