Peavey VTM 120

I'm a big fan of the JCM 800, but not the price. I had the combo, which wasn't of much use because these types of amps really need a closed back cabinet to shine. Since these are becoming harder to find and more valuable (I saw one sell for over $600 recently), I thought I would pick this up.

There is no doubt that this was designed as a JCM 800 clone. Chewy, girthy crunch that slices through the mix and is quite addictive. And insanely loud. I'm in an apartment, so I haven't been able to crank it by any means. But once you get to the point of no return, it easily pushes as much or more air than the Marshall and gives you such a feeling of power. If you enjoy the Marshall and have played it loud, you know what I mean.

This is the second "clone" I have owned from the same era as the JCM 800. I owned the Laney AOR 50 (single channel) which also has the JCM 800 character in spades-if you are looking for a cheap alternative, either would be a great way to go. I think the Laney was a bit looser, probably great for stoner metal, but possibly closer to a 1-1 clone of the Marshall. This amp feels tighter, more focused, and louder (120 vs. 50 watts), but obviously has the switches to differentiate itself. They are all fun and surprisingly usable, but I am all about the stock sound. With them engaged, they are capable of gobs of gain. But i find this amp more useful than the Marshall or Laney when I am without a boost in front, as it doesn't feel like I'm fighting with the amp as much and it is very responsive, but a boost doesn't really push it to the next level of satisfaction like the other two amps (though it doesn't really need to).

One thing this amp and the Laney don't possess is the signature woody, organic Marshall tone. Both clones seem to be slightly more sterile and congested in nature, though that is likely due to the sacrifices in tone necessary to have an FX loop than the quality of the amp itself. But this amp is awesome, and makes me really question why no manufacturer tries to replicate this sound ( I've played some more modern amps which were supposed to sound like the 800-not even close). One of the best tone for the buck amps you will find around.
Nice score man! I've always heard those were cool amps. Bet she sounds great
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Nice! Happy new amp day! Gotta get me one of those one day, but they just never pop up in my area.
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Jelly as hell. I have always wanted a VTM, but the prices they go for these days are just ridiculous. HNAD, enjoy
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Always wanted one of these, nice score!
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It seems like I use to see these for sale all the time and never payed much attention until I found out it was a JCM800 "clone", now I never see 'em for sale locally.

HNAD! Seems like a gem!
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Sweet, Peavey makes some killer amps for sure sometimes underrated, HNAD
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