I was wondering if anyone has tried playing blues on this guitar and how it sounded. I would think it would do pretty well with the P90 pickups and semi-hollow body.
A friend of mine has one. It's not a bad guitar. I'd say it was probably designed with rockabilly or indie in mind, but it could definitely do some nasty electric blues.
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I own this one. I've used it from everything to a church gig I used to have, to playing old school punk rock and roll in my main band, It could certainly handle blues. Keep in mind the construction is not a semi-hollow like a Gibson or Epiphone "ES" type laminate maple guitar. The WildKat is in fact a chambered solid body with a routed mahogany body and solid maple cap. It's more like a weight-relieved Les Paul with soundholes than it is like a 335 or Casino.