There's a Sunn Beta Lead combo amp, 100 watts, 2x12" speakers, at a local music store for $300 CAD. Sounds like it works perfectly as far as I can tell and it looks like it's in REALLY decent shape, but I'm wondering if it's worth the price tag. Right now, I'm playing on a Peavey Vypyr 30 that I'm not a super huge fan of overall and have been mentally debating if it's worth the money to replace with the Sunn.
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They're great for doom and stoner rock from the shear raw power.
If you can try it out do so. They're no Model T but they are great in their own way.
Said "screw it" and bought the thing. No regrets. Sounds pretty beastly when using channels A and B simultaneously.
I have a friend who has one of those with a 4x12, he loves it. Most of the time he plays a Mesa half stack, but now and then he'll pull out the old Sunn, his is a 70's model, and still works great. His is a head though, not the combo.
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