Beep boop!
I added the chords for Adele - "Set Fire to the Rain" the other day and want to upload versions on how to play it with capo on third and fifth fret, but... nope. I get redirected back to my first submission, the one without a capo when I am trying to post it.

Without looking at the tab in question... ...tabs that are simply transposed are generally rejected since there is a transpose-functionality in UG and thus no need for multiple submissions.
Well, transpose isn 't really helping for some new players. They might not know how to convert a Dm to a Bm because the capo is at third fret. I added capo versions in my tab instead to make it easier for all.
It's not a duplicate. Playing with a capo knowing how to convert the chords when you transpose isn't really the subject for people looking for tabs and chords. They want to get to how to play it, not to learn some music theory behind it and how things really works.