coffee or painkillers or sleep
But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
that'll cut you to ribbons, sometimes
and all you can do is just wait by the moon
and bleed if it's what she says you ought to do
I drink water mostly.
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of course that just becomes a perpetual cycle of getting drunk and getting headaches tho.
If I have them, they're usually from dehydration or because my head thinks it's a bloody barometer. Either way, I tend to just sip some cold water and try to stay calm.
Temporary relief comes from pressing my temples with my thumb and forefinger. If I keep doing that for a while, my head no longer aches usually.

but im on a pretty big tolerance break so i just go to the gym or drink some coffee, green tea, maybe smoke a cig...

taking a nap is good, but i can't sleep during the day to save my life lol
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Aspirin, sleep, and or cooling
A poem.
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If its migraine, you are kind of screwed.
I get them, they run in my family.
One thing that works for my sister, if its not to bad is to drink a coke from Jack In The Box.
Seriously, their mixture is different than other places mixture.

There is also another one where you squeeze all the juice out of a lemon and and Himalayan salt in it, then drink it.

I usually just try to sleep them off.

Taking a few hits of weed helps.
Seriously, it does. I know its worked for me a few times.
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Aspirin and lots of water for normal headache. Food for the i havent eaten in daus headache. Strong coffee and ibuprophen for migraine. It usually has something to do with blood pressure. Ive also heard the birth control pill helps with migraines, they are a mystery.
Drink a coke from Jack In the Box
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what really works for me are blowjobs

oh no i have a headache again
The only times I get them are from not drinking enough water, not eating for too long, too much alcohol without enough food or water. So, the cures for me are water, food, or food and water. Why take an aspirin or whatever when it's just your body calling you a dumbass and saying go drink some water or eat something? In these cases taking care of the problem will be effective much faster than any pill.

Of course there are other causes like sinus headaches, tension headaches, etc. and I'm not saying medication for headaches is never a good idea, but the vast majority of the time it's people not paying enough attention to what their body needs.

I used to get headaches more when I drank like 5 or 6 cokes a day, but I don't do that anymore so it's not a problem. I almost never get them now. The cure for that is to quit drinking so much caffeine, or else go ahead and drink a bunch of caffeine all the time that's not even doing anything for you anymore except bringing you back to "normal" and keeping you from getting headaches caused by your addiction.