My question is fairly straightforward, could someone draw me a diagram of a strat that has the middle position being neck and bridge (for a tele sound). Also, I want to have the bridge only position be replaced with Bridge and middle in series for a humbucker type sound. This is going to be done with SD Hotstacks if that makes a difference.
I'm not familiar with those pickups, but I can tell you having the bridge and middle pickups in series is probably not going to give you a humbucker like sound. Sure, it might resemble a humbucker on a circuit diagram depending on how you wire the stacked pups but the physical placement of the middle pickup means the harmonics it picks up from the strings are going to be quite different.

Its more complicated if you want more than one tone knob too. Every pot connected will bleed some treble. If you don't want this, you can dedicate one pole of the switch (one row of 5 terminals+common) just to switching one tone knob out of the circuit if you want, for example, both your neck and mid pickup to share one tone knob. Otherwise, you can just wire the hot wire (assuming you want each pickup to be wired in series with itself) to whatever tone knob you want. Connect the knob to the switch, with the common terminal on that particular pole going to the volume pot. Use one pole for each pickup.

In your case you'd have the neck pickup soldered to at least terminals 1 and 3 of its respective pole, and the bridge hooked to at least terminals 5 and 3. This picture should show you what's going on, but it's not exactly what you asked for.

The blue line going to the pot in the top right corner is from the bridge pickup.
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Thanks, now that I think about it, I might just go with an HSS with a the middle positon having the neck and bridge together with the bridge split. That is probably simple enough for me to diagram myself.