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I am looking for different blues artists to listen to, I am a big fan of SRV, I really like fast/shredding like blues, I dont know any new blues artists what so ever, anything from instrumental blues to new blues or other legendary blues guitarists would be great, if you can recommend any artists I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
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Albert King
Big +1 to this, he was a major influence on Stevie.

Allman Bros had some great blues stuff, the Fillmore East album is a definite classic.

More on the blues rock side of things, but possibly suiting you if you like the faster soloing, Rory Gallagher comes to mind.
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mike bloomfield..first paul butterfield blues band album..track mellow down easy..
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Listen to Glenn Kaiser, my favorite blues player (SRV is second), I have the album Blues Heaven 2 and every song on it is awesome!
For a more modern take on blues check out Devon Allman, Govt Mule, Joe bonamassa, Matthew Curry, The London Souls etc
I know this is pretty much a dead thread at this point, but Mal Eastick is a good blues artist to listen to.

"Swept Away" from his "Spirit" album, 2000
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Guy Verlinde has some original stuff, and he's also one of the few guitarists to cover Hound Dog Taylor