I just picked up a P-Bass for about $40. It seemed like a good deal and it looked alright, when I got it home and started to clean it and begin to set the truss rod I quickly realized there was no nut in the neck, just the threaded bolt. Does anyone know the correct size nut I should get to put in there? Google was unhelpful with what I needed.

It's a Fender Squier Affinity Precision Bass. Made in Indonesia.

I think Guitar Parts Resources is about the only game in town. U.S. Fender truss rod nuts are SAE. Affinity basses need metric. I believe the one below is what you need. See description, followed by link, below.


keep the neck of your contemporary electric guitar or bass straight and true, Fender offers truss rod nuts that fit most modern instruments. Package includes one truss rod nut. 4 mm hex (Allen) adjustment. Used on most Squier guitars with "IC" serial numbers.

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