Hi there.

For awhile now I've been reading and researching about the topic "Level Matching"...
The reason being, I own a Boss GT-10 and I want to level match my presets, so I don't experience all the different volume levels, each time I switch from patch to patch. At my recent gig it went terribly wrong...

I'm very much new to the whole level matching concept, but not to the GT-10.
To make sure I don't start out wrong, I have some questions I hope some of you can and will answer for me!

1. Calibrate the Input of the GT-10?
Well, to make sure the unit doesn't clip/distort, I guess I have to calibrate the input level coming from my guitar into the GT-10, right?
I've done that, and I experience no clipping/unwanted distortion.
As I see it, by doing the calibration, I should have a good starting point, knowing I have some headroom...

2. How do I start out with levelling a patch?
Well, the way I see it is to take an empty patch, no effects active, on my GT-10, then select and turn on the AMP-BLOCK and dial in the desired sound, right?
But I came to think of something today... When taking an empty patch, that patch already have a level, and when I turn on the AMP-BLOCK, that level gets boosted, because of the AMP-BLOCK's Level. But what do I do here? Do I just ignore the level of the empty patch and just go with the level of the AMP-BLOCK? And adjust the other effect block's levels from there, to match that of the AMP? Or do I match the AMP-BLOCK to the empty patch level??
Also, is it a good way to do this on the unit, or do you guys use your computer, meters or what??

3. After levelling patches I go to set the overall volume level.
To me it makes sense to set the overall volume level, to match the desired environment, by using the OUTPUT LEVEL knob on the GT-10's left side. As far as I can see, the OUTPUT LEVEL knob shoudn't affect the tone of the patches, only the overall volume.. Right?

I really wish that someone had taken the time to make a tutorial/video about this on different effects units.. Would save a lot of questions, time and tears!

Would be nice to hear from other GT-10 users also, or GT-100 users! Because I think someone else than me have encountered the same problems..

If you've adjusted your input level properly - pick a decent overall output setting that will stay the same regardless of the patch you use.

Now, you will need to adjust the volume of each individual patch so that they provide the desired overall volume - this needs to be done with your ears, not your eyes, at full jamming volume levels , you can't set your patch volumes at bedroom levels and expect the right balance when you step on stage or play with a drummer.

Ideally, you would do this every time you play in a new room - because different venues accentuate different frequencies , which can really screw up the perceived loudness of your various patches.

You really need to use your ears because the perceived loudness of two different patches can be extremely different if they use different EQ settings or effects, even if the "patch volume" is the same on paper. Also, your GT 10 is interacting with your amp or PA and that itself will accentuate certain frequencies over others, further compounding the problem.

Briefly stated, there is no scientific way to approach this - you have to use your ears and you need to set your volumes when playing with your band at full volume.
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Hi there, reverb66.

I would say that I've adjusted the Input Level properly, yes. I found some helpful tips on various sites.
Though, I think it's a shame that the Owners Manual doesn't cover this topic - both the level matching, but also the Input Level adjustment.
On the older Boss GT-PRO there's a red light that flashes, when the Input Level is too hot.
A real easy way to set the whole thing up.. Both the GT-10 and GT-100 lacks that.. Also a meter or something like that, would have been nice!

Okay, but why can't this be done a bedroom level?? What's the difference?

Yeah, I see how the EQ settings can get in the way. Mostly I use no EQ'ing on my patches, other than the AMP-Block EQ - Bass, Middle, Treble & Prescense.

Okay I see.. I'll try it out and see how it goes!

Thanks for your reply
Quote by PedalFreak94

I really wish that someone had taken the time to make a tutorial/video about this on different effects units.. Would save a lot of questions, time and tears!

Honestly, this is just commonsense for the most part and it's been done since man plugged into an effect pedal into an amp. Now you just have more effects in the unit

Just level your patches to match tone in the end, you don't even need to go that microscoping internally, the master level should take care of everything. On some patches it might be 120 and on other 90, don't worry about that as long as it matches with your volume perception, in other words in this case - trust your ears!

You could d/load a level meter app for your phone if you want to measure or look at your DAW input if needed but I usually just use my ears.