I'm awful with music theory so I was trying to practice and bought a key book.

I've noticed that the same chords have different diagrams depending on the key that they are in, for instance it shows a C in Cmaj is X32010, however a C in Gmaj is X3555X.

Why is this??
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They might be trying to show you easy fingerings for chord progressions.

A C chord is a C chord regardless of the key you're in; the only thing that really changes with the key is the likelihood of using a C chord.
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A standard C chord is comprised of the root, the 3rd, and 5th of the chord.


C, E, G

Now - if you fret the notes for the chords on guitar


Same notes, same voicing, different place on the neck.
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Probably depends on context, some voicings will work better with different sets of chords.