Hi there guys. I'm kind of new to recording, and a buddy of mine helped me understand the basics of using a DAW (Reaper) and my video software (Vegas Pro).

Things like basic trimming, the clap technique, how to arm and disarm tracks for recording, how to render and export....

But the thing is, I could really use some skype friends from here that have way more experience than me to help me learn some of this stuff...

For example, I want to know how to record covers of me playing songs I like that have more than one guitar at the same time. This means splitting two video portions side by side, with two or more audio tracks stacked, while all of these tracks synced perfectly in time.

^^^I barely got that all out and already im lost and dont know what the hell im talking about. A good example of what im talking about is a song like Be'Lakor's "Husks" which is a really nice acoustic instrumental that illustrates what I am trying to be able to achieve.

Or "The Blackest Skyline" By Sylosis.

I want to increase my knowledge and ability to record covers of me doing the songs that I like, seeing as right now all I can work with is doing sing along acoustic songs, because with two mics only recording one track of audio, it's a lot easier for me to sync that up with the only video track that I have. (The video track from my go pro that filmed me singing and playing...)

I am going to watch youtube tutorials of vegas pro and reaper, but like I said above, there are TONS of people on here that have way more experience than me in the area of study and I would really love to learn as much as i can from some of you guys if you wouldnt mind, ya know?

I feel like I could really benefit form having some thought provoking, interesting discussions with some of you guys that clearly have more experience under your belt than a noob like me.

Would also love to discuss mic placement, and things of that nature. Also, smaller things like how to do fade ins and fade outs, etc.
same i would love if someone could help me with covers too couse my guitar sound is so bad while trying to record it
I don't really mess with videos much, at least not much past just throwing something together quick to share with friends...however, I do have a background in video. What I do, and what I would recommend, is do your recording first. Set up you tracks and mix it in reaper. Do all your production and what not and then save the mixdown as an mp3 or whatever you choose. From there, you can lip-sync vocals and guitar on video (make sure you have the audio playing loud enough for your camera to pick it up clearly, though for later). No one is going to know that you aren't actually using the video audio because as long as you match it up right in the video editor, it will look correct.

There is really no super easy way to edit it other than to match what you see with what you hear. I am not familiar with all editing software suites, but many will make it easier than others. If you were to use Adobe Premiere for example, you will be able to see the wave forms for both the recorded mp3 and for the actual video sound on different bars in the timeline. You can match the waves up and then simply mute / delete the audio from the video clip. As far as stacking all your video in one frame, that's just a matter of choosing the right effects (although syncing them all up is going to be a serious pain).
anybody here have any experience with vegas pro? I wanna add some brightness to my videos. I just need some help with getting to know the software an all...
Ok thanks man! Now what about DI boxes and re-amping? This hsit has me sooooo confused...
Anybody wanna chime in?
By far the simplest way to do what you are talking about is to record the song into Reaper, and then "air guitar" the track for the video. You can then use the picture-in-picture function (it isn't called that in Vegas, I forget the name) to put the two videos side by side, and then import the recorded song from Reaper.

If you want to actually record audio to Reaper and video to Vegas then unless you nail the song in one take it will be pretty time consuming and CPU intensive.

Not sure what information you need about DI boxes and reamping, but a basic explanation is that a DI box is something you plug your guitar into to capture a clean "direct input" (DI) signal onto the computer (Reaper). If you have a reamp box you can then send this clean DI signal out into an amplifier and capture your original performance played through the amplifier. If you don't have a reamp box you can still use amp sims/cab sims on Reaper to virtually reamp the signal.
Thanks Random! Would love to talk to you more about what you just said in more detail some time...

Do you have a skype?
Quote by DeathShredder23
Thanks Random! Would love to talk to you more about what you just said in more detail some time...

Do you have a skype?

Just send me a PM with any questions, I'll answer when I can.

I haven't used Vegas now for like 4-5 years so I can't really explain how to use it in any detail.