Hello there.

This had some cool elements to it. It was a littel difficult to listen to in places on account of the lack of mixing (a tad confusing to the ears if you get what I mean). Still, it sounded like it could be turned into something quite beastly with some tweaking.

My track if you fancy it: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1704165

Hello again.

I thought as you put this up as pedal riffing exercise you would'nt be looking too much into the mix elements. FWIW - here's my opinion:

The guitar tone sounds generally pretty cool for the riffing, but there isnt sufficient difference in the tones of the lead parts to allow them to cut through. I'm sure you already understand the concept of using eq to carve out areas of each track to give some space for others to sit. I'm not good enough at mixing to say for sure how to go about this (for me it's always a lot of trial and error). The bass part could maybe do with beefing up a little in the low end.

Also for me the drums are too distant and lack punch on the kick particularly. It sounds very focused on the guitars where the drums sound like just a time keeping piece that isnt fully part of the track. For the kick I would try ripping out some of the 150 to 600hz region and see if that gives more punch.

Hope that helps a bit more.