Figure go big or go home, playing for a few months, along with my 11yr old son, and already have an American Standard Strat, '57 Reissue in Candy Apple Red and picked up The Gilmour Black Start NOS. Have a Peavey Classic 30 (at repair shop now) and 2 other beginner type amps.

So, what would be a nice amp for under $1,000 that will stay with me/us for a long time. We have a finished basement and occasionally will bring an amp to a friends house to jam. Would a Fender Twin Reverb be overkill?

I have a Line 6 POD X3 for effects. But definitely open to suggestions.

Budget $1000 but less would be great!
I've always been a fan of head and cabs. I'm sure others might disagree with me, but do research into speakers and cabs, find a cab you like and then just buy heads. Heads tend to be cheaper than a combo and easier to change out. for Example if you get a 2x12 for $300-$400 and then get a few 20watt heads to cover the different style's you like to play (Marshall DSL, Tiny Terror, Hughes & Kettner TubeMesiter). That's just my take on it, as I said I'm sure most people won't agree with me.

But if you're into Combo's, check the VoxAc15 or AC30. A bit more articulate and chimy than Twin Reverb but that's not necessarily a pro or a con... Just different style.
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But if you're into Combo's, check the VoxAc15 or AC30. .

This was going to be my suggestion. The AC30 sells new on MF for 1100, but around me used ones go for about $500.00, and I think they are just lovely.
Look into the Cavin Vintage series if you're looking for a classic rock amp. Their Vai Legacy would be an option for more modern rock/prog stuff.

An Orange Tiny Terror could be cool, and a bigger used Orange might be cooler still.

A nice used Mesa could be worth considering, too.
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Nothing beginner about the Classic 30, great little amp! I'd probably look at a nice OD pedal for your classic 30 for starters.

Guessing that you want something that's voiced differently? What sort of stuff will you be playing?
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I gigged with a Classic 30 for a long time. A great amp, not beginner class at all, IMO.

I have an H&K, but for Fender type guitars I would be thinking Super Reverb. - This is the choice of my amp tech mate, and I trust his judgement.

Another one I really like, but a bit more expensive, is the Mesa Transatlantic. It has a wide range of good sounds.
Classic 30 isn't really a beginner amp IMO.

Check out a used Mesa F-50, Studio .22, Express or something along those lines.

What do you want this amp to sound like?

Your money goes way farther used. I picked up my Mesa Dual Rec Roadster for $1100 in mint condition.
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Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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Check out the new Bassbreaker amps. A Twin wouldn't be overkill imo, it'd be awesome.

If you can find one, a Randall RM would knock your socks off, it's not a typical amp. The RM series uses "modules" that you can buy/sell and swap in/out. The (all tube) modules are based on various classic and modern amps. So you can have shiny, smooth, glorious Fender cleans and fierce, crispy, crunchy, Marshall distortion tone in the same amp. It's not like the namebrand starter modeling amps, the RM is all tube and responds as such. Given that you're just starting and probably not sure what you want, the RM would/could cover everything. Even if you're into jazz and junior's all about the brootz the RM can do it all. Made in USA too, I haven't had a single issue with mine in the 2-3 years I've had it.
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Found this local to me for $650. Is it a Fender reverb Reissue?

Stock pictures on CL ads sketch me out. If you can meet up with the chap and test out the amp and make sure it is legit, that would be a good buy. Make sure EVERYTHING works. They go for about $1099 new. They are rated at 22w, though, so for home use it would be fine but playing out you may run out of headroom trying to keep up with a drummer. If you can mic the amp for PA support you would be fine though.

The Twin Reverb RI you also mentioned is 85w and it should have no problem with headroom when running healthy. They go for $1499 new so if you can find one in/under your budget in good condition (I would not expect flawless, also will probably need a tube change) that would be a good option.

However, neither of those amps have a master volume so if you want distortion tones from the amp, you will have to crank it. Get a power attenuator/ear plugs to save your hearing. Also, neither of them have an effects loop, which you typically run Delays and Reverbs and such through so they do not overload the input preamp of the amp.

What kind of genres are you trying to achieve with this amp selection? Classic Blues/Rock? If you are not dead set on the Fender sound, I do suggest a used VOX AC30. The two latest productions, the AC30C2 and the AC30CC2, can be found for $600-850 and arguably have a better feature set than the two Fenders above. Along with Trem and Verb, they both have Master Volumes (to save your ears) and an Effects Loop (for the POD's delays, reverbs, etc.). The VOX sound is different from the Fender sound, though, so keep that in mind.
You could consider a AC15. Almost 1/2 your budget, semi closed back, great sound.
What ever way you go I would try to keep the speaker to a minimum size of 10 inches. 8 inch and smaller sound like toys IMO.
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