I had the music written for this in guitar pro for quite a while but only recently wrote lyrics to use. The recording also wasn't quick since I couldn't find tones I liked. I think it came out ok. The vocals are a bit shaky on the highs, but that's the edge of my range

Thanks for listening!

Steroid - Full Song

Youtube Version.
I dig it man, great job. The solo was tasteful, and although the vocals were pitchy at times, I enjoyed the vocal tone. Slick track.
Thanks. The highs were still a bit out of my range and were shaky, so I may go back and change them to something else at some point.
Awesome song! The first thing I would change is in the beginning where you say "set my spirit free." That's awesome but I think it would be more powerful if you raised the second note of "free" to the octave above and held it out longer to really build the song into the chorus. Also vocally I think a little scratch on your voice for the chorus as the guitar get a crunch would be a nice touch. Not too much scratch, but just a little. Then you could have the pure clean vocals as a second track panned to either side in the mix. I like how your voice sounds going for the higher notes. I think it would be cool if you brought the guitars out more and made them louder in the mix just a very little more, make sure not to hide the lyrics. I can't think of a good reason other than it sounds good in my head. That's my thought on it, but I listened to Ashes of a Rose as well and noticed that you already have your sound and a good consistent mix. Great material, man!



Thank you!
Good job man. I like the solo, it fits really well with the feel of the song. The only critique I have is that the song just ends kind of abruptly, other than that, good job!
JWG2007I like it. Awesome solo. I like the vocals and the mixing is really good. I agree that it ends a little abruptly too but overall great track.