Hello, im currently looking at the marshall jvm210c combo amp. My other choices would probably be a peavey jsx 212 or mesa tremoverb. Main reason Im leaning toward a marshall is to get different metal band tones while using a wampler tripple wreck for a mesa like tone. Its probably the only 212 combo amp that I see from marshall and wondered if its a good amp.
All 3 of those are good amps. I haven't tried that Triple Wreck pedal before, but I'd imagine going with a Trem-o-Verb would render it redundant (Great amps, they are - Probably my favorite of the Rectifier series.

The general consensus on the JVM stuff is that it's good all around, but not necessarily Marshall's best offering either (I, like many other guitarists, prefer vintage Marshalls over the modern stuff).

If you're looking for an amp that can do both classic metal (like a Marshall), and modern metal (like a Mesa), I'm inclined to recommend the JSX of the 3 choices you listed.
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Fuck, chad. Have you started enough threads yet?

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Fuck, chad. Have you started enough threads yet?

Go back and post in one of the others.


Besides, just go and try as many amps as you can and buy the one you like the most. Because at this rate we're all (yourself included) gonna die of old age before you decide.