Does anyone have any advice? Recorded this song use drum samples and amp simulators. There are a few parts that are a little off in time, but does anyone have any other recording advice. you can chose to download the song or listen to soundcloud. if you do listen to it on soundcloud i'm just particularly looking for advice on this song, such as arrangements and recording techniques. i'm still pretty new to this and start the beginning of the year.


The main issue I am hearing is the timing. Did you record the parts to a click track? If not, that will definitely help.

Everything else sounds pretty good for just starting out. Maybe add some "life" to the guitar rhythm tracks, how you do that is up to you. It sounds like you have double tracked them already. Maybe a bit of "life" to the drums as well (touch o' reverb?). The break at 1:12 could use some sort of transition, rather than going directly into the break.

Also I think it could definitely use a lead/melody track. Another guitar, synth, vocals, etc. Something to carry the listener through the song and make a point.

Lastly, take out the 6 second silence in the intro.
Will Lane thanks a lot for looking into my song man. if you go to soundcloud i have made some recent changes. i'm still have a bit of trouble on the drums. i only have the song on soundcloud for now. if you want you can compare the one on the dropbox to the recent update.

diabolical thanks for the info man. that first book looks killer. i definitely get that for sure.

thank you both for looking into my song and for the tips. it's much appreciated.