I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Vox Night Train (15 watts)? There's been one on craigslist around me for about two months - the seller originally was selling it for $350, but has gradually lowered the price. This morning it was listed for $190. Is that a really good rice? I don't really need it...but I feel like thats a more than fair price for a fully functional Night Train. It also comes with a padded case.
I've used one through a Weber loaded 1x12 cab for a variety of things (rock gigs, rehearsals, open jams, modern P&W ambient stuff, blues and jazz noodling), and it's held up for the long time that I've had it (with only a tube swap to try to change up the tone a little). They are cool amps that can be nice and chimey or quite dirty and very overdriven, and the half power switch is cool for low volume playing. I think that's a fair price.
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