I'm planning to give my old GSA-60 a complete makeover since it's in need of some repairs anyway. I've decided to use it as a "playground" of sorts to get some practice at fixing/modding the more intricate parts of a guitar so i'm planning to do everything on my own.

However, i've run into a bit of a problem. I'm not sure what Bridge/trem to get. I was thinking about a wilkinson but after measuring the original holes of the rather weird sat10 trem i'm not too sure it'll fit. I might even have to drill 2 new holes closer to the Pickup cavity in order to keep the scale length. I'm just not quite sure about the whole thing.

I'd be grateful for any kind of advice,
I have an old GSA60 sitting in storage in godknowswhereland and it is indeed a horrible bridge. I just blocked it when I first got it and left the guitar in some dark corner when I bought better guitars.

If you really want to replace the bridge (I personally wouldn't sink that amount of money into such a cheap guitar), then you can determine the guitar's scale length like this video shows.

And then based on where the bridge posts locate when you place the saddles at the precise distance and alignment from the nut, you drill the body out.

I personally wouldn't because there are other complications such as the possibility of the bridge not functioning properly because the cavities through the body where the block goes are the wrong dimensions for the bridge you have and so you'll need to rout out the hole and that creates a lot of work for yourself.

It's probably too ambitious a job for you if you need to ask the question of how to know what bridge to get.
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Good point with the cavity for the block, didn't even think about that in the first place. Might just give the original bridge a cleanup.

I know it's a pretty cheap guitar but i've been feeling bad about having it sit around in a corner for years now. Plus the whole first guitar sentimental value thing...
A new nut and saddles will do wonders for your tuning stability and stuff and will give your pretty much the best parts of what youa re going for from your bridge upgrade without having to actually fanny around replacing the whole bridge.

If you want to take it even further you could try replacing the trem block aswell.
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Yeah, the original plastic nut broke anyway years back. Wasn't really that big of a deal back then since i wasn't playing that guitar anyway.

Guess i'll block it off then. That cuts ~110€ from the list.