Hey all

Recently I've been messing around with alternate tunings, and have settled on what I really like and have been using quite frequently. It's a Sonic youth tuning though, so it's pretty out there, and it doesn;t stay in tune for long - particularly my (what used to be) B string.

Here's the tuning, not sure the conventional way to notate this so I'll say the new notes and whether I tuned up or down from standard

E down to D
B down to E (waaaay down)
G - G
D - D
A down to G
E - E

Most of the strings are alright. My B, which I have tuned down to an open E, is understandbly very tempermental though - not staying in tune for very long. Are there any particular strings that could help keep it in tune? Alternatively are there any general qualities I should be looking for to keep the tuning consistent? ie thick or thin?

Right now my set up is a little weird: I'm using acoustic string on my Tele, but this is only because I hadn't realized thats what they were when I bought them, so I'm not sure how any kind of electric strings would perform.

in any case, any advice would be appreciated. I don't know I whole lot about strings at all. Thanks
Just buy a single string for your 2nd string.
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