So, I've taken up the guitar once again and am sticking with it this time (2nd go around) and I've started with finger picking. I can read note (for piano at least, I assume they are similar for guitar in some way). But while picking an 8 pattern, or even really any pattern I find that my hand get very tense with just 30 seconds- a minute of playing. This is making it very hard to practice. Any advice or tips?
Also, im having a hard time plucking the string confidently without anchoring my hand with my pinky (which I've heard is bad) so im trying not to do it. Any advice for keeping ones hand in the right position and plucking confidently without your hand getting tense in the prosses? thanks a ton!
Practice very slowly at first and make sure you get the patterns right, the speed will come later, I can guarantee it. I'm having the exactly same problem learning to do fast hammers and pulls on lap steel and I've been playing for 50-odd years, so it isn't just a beginners problem.
Ok thanks! I play the drums and piano as well so ik slowing down helps w/ speed it's just the stiffness/ uncomfortable-Ness of it that I was wondering about. Any tips for a biginner?
As well and relaxing your fingers, Make sure you keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed (i.e down). That should help the tenseness off your fingers. If you find yourself tensing up, let go of the guitar, drop your hands, relax, take a deep breath, make sure your body is in the right position and then start again.
Anchoring is bad? or no? maybe just dependson the person? no? oh well.
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