Hey fellow guitarists

Am a average beginner now playing for a while, and i was wondering what is the best place, to get backing tracks from that people have already made? Because my teacher has told me its best to use them what ever your into so it gives a referance to work on, and what should i look out for when downloading if you like these backing tracks
Also what would you say is the best transcription software for beginners baring in mind am only scratching the surface into the world of playing by ear,my teacher as also recommended Cubase? but i wouldn't know where to start ?

Thanks fellow players i would be appreciated for the advice and the tips.
backing tracks for specific songs or just something to jam with? There are tons of generic backing tracks on YouTube. If you want specific songs you might have to pay for them, which is a pretty bad deal unless you need to use them in a performance.

I'm not sure what you mean by transcription software. There's nothing, to my knowledge, that will magically turn a recording into sheet music for you. If you want to do transcriptions (which you should), just print off some staff paper and get transcribing.