Last time I was here I was starting to build an acoustic guitar.... well that plan got side tracked as I did not have enough tools or $ then.

Now fast forward some amount of time, and I now have an entire shop, and all materials and tools necessary.

However, I lack some knowledge on Lutherie, and my books all kind of contradict eachother.

Please direct me to, or tell me the following:

How long in inches would a 24.5 and 25.4 scale neck be completely from tip of headstock to the end joint (Such as for a parlor guitar, or 00 size).
How Do I locate where to route the channel for the saddle, what I mean is how do I figure out the angle the channel must be in comparison to the center line.
How thick should the neck of a guitar be in various positions?\
How wide should the neck be in various positions (Assume I am using a 1 3/4 nut on all guitars)
How thick should the back and sides of a guitar be?

Thanks in advance for any input, below I will layout some specs for the instruments I am currently working on.
Please note, Pics won't come any time soon and I'll probably make a new thread just for them, This is my years objective is to finish the 3 builds listed below, after I build a guitar from plywood and pine first (using real cheap for first make, so I don't ruin expensive stuff)

00 Size
25.4 Scale
Cocobolo and maple 3 piece back
Cocobolo Sides
Cocobolo and Maple 3 piece neck
Sinker Redwood Master Grade top
Cocobolo Bridge
Cocobolo Fretboard with Maple inlays
Maple Binding
Gotoh Delta 510 21:1 w/ Cocobolo buttons (Gold machines)
Buffalo nut/saddle/pins
Gold colored Fretwire
Spruce Bracing
Spruce Kerfing
Cocobolo/Maple/Cocobolo Rosette
Satin Finish

Parlor Size
24.5 Scale
Tiger Maple and Quilted Sapele 3 Piece back
Tiger Maple Sides
Tiger Maple and Sapele 3 Piece neck
Adirondack Master Grade top
Tiger Maple Bridge
Tiger Maple Fretboard with Sapele Inlay
Sapele Binding
Schaller Da Vinci (Nickel) 18:1 with Buffalo Bone buttons
Buffalo Nut/Saddle/Pins
Nickel Fretwire
Spruce Bracing
Spruce Kerfing
Maple/Sapele/Maple Rosette
Satin Finish

Parlor size
24.5 Scale
Slotted Headstock
Mango and Koa 3 Piece back
Mango Sides
Mango and Koa 3 piece Neck (Probably going to carbon fiber re-enforce) **( anyone used either material for a neck before?)**
Carpathian Spruce Master Grade top
Mango Bridge
Mango Fretboard with Koa Inlay
Koa Binding
Waverly 3x3 gold plate tuners with faux Ivory buttons
buffalo nut/saddle/pins
Gold Fretwire
spruce braces
spruce kerfing
Mango/Koa/Mango Rosette
High Gloss finish