This is what my buddies and I submitted for our demo to the battle of the bands and Washington State University. What do you think?
I personally like the mix on Manic Bureaucracy the most. I know I have mixing issues and I would really like some pointers! I would also like to discuss recording techniques and compare and contrast. Sorry for the popping on the vocals of Drafted Hell! We found out a couple days before and had to fit recording all the vocals and all of Fraudulent Faith into a couple days!

Post me your link and I'll definitely critique you back!



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Hey there! I really liked the songs (they give me a very early megadeth vibe which i really like) especially Manic Bureaucracy. The guitar, bass playing is very good as well. Coming to the mix, its absolutely fine for a demo. But if you guys want to release it professionally then i suggest you re-record the songs and get a proper mix done. The vocals need to be more in-your-face and the guitars sound a bit thin (all of which can be fixed in a professional mix). Overall, great stuff man! i hope you guys win the battle of the bands! Keep me posted with your music updates!

Hey bud. Thanks for your comments on my material.

I listened to all the tracks and I have to say the mix made it kinda hard to bear. It was hardly audible. The kick drum is disturbingly saturated, the vocals are way too thin and alone. The guitars create a wall of noise that blurs your hearing when you pump the volume to hear the extremely low volume.

But I realize this is a demo to be submitted to a corporation to provide you with a better environment to achieve a better mix. And I wish you good luck with that. Please note my comments are about you publicly sharing the material. The demo is completely fine and any producer should be able to pick up what he needs to from this.

The songs are well played generally. But the material feels very common to me. It almost sounded like a cover of oldschool thrash band. Also, I thought the solo guitars were a bit amateurish to be released to public. Don't get me wrong, I find this material to have huge potential - and that's why I'm sharing my thoughts so perhaps you can overcome some barriers for your band. Because obviously you guys are a talented bunch. Especially the bass.

Re-record the songs and produce them and repost them here. I bet they'll blow our minds. Because of my 19 years of music history, I can feel that there's a lot of energy in there but these recordings don't reflect it yet. But you'll get there if you keep working on it and I can't wait to hear that!

Good luck and keep up the good work!
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Thanks for the review on my song. I have to kind of echo Sammetry in that the mix really needs some work. The vocals are super hard to hear and very thin as mentioned. The playing seemed pretty tight, though. It kind of reminds me of Metallic around the Ride the Lightning period. Judging by the recording, I would also maybe recommend a different mic for the vocals if you can. You can really tell the room is coloring your tone.
JMCerium. the guitars would benefit from some additional EQ. There's a lot treble that you could do without that well help give the guitars more definition and not sound so fizzy. I thought the clean tone was pretty good, but it sounds a bit muffled, like it was recorded behind a blanket. The bass is pretty prominent, but maybe could use some more bottom end. How are you recording the bass and guitar? If you're using mics, I would recommend looking up some tutorials to get the best sound. If you're going the DI route, there are a lot of free amp sims and IRs( LePou, Ignite, etc.) that make it pretty simple to get a good sound. The actual playing is pretty clean, save for a few sections. The vocals aren't really blending well with the other instruments, like they were just added on top over everything else. The drums could be louder to add some overall strength to the mix. Overall, the mix needs a lot of work. I'm no expert, but I'm assuming that you haven't been doing this for very long, so that's okay. The most important thing is to learn how to use EQ, when/where to cut and boost. Even before you start to EQ, make sure that the source is as close as possible to what you want it to be. Good luck, and keep at it.
Thank you for the reviews! Now your tunes: "Manic": starts out really good! Then it changes a bit in style, but still good. The vocal commentary adds to the song (kind of sounds like Geddy Lee on all 3 songs). Electric bass (assuming it is real, but maybe it's sampled) is well played; playing is tight. Nice tune. Assuming you're commenting on the recent elections, I have a Donald Trump story: I have known (not very well) motivational speaker/best selling author Anthony/Tony Robbins since 7th grade. Long story short, he gave me tickets to one of his walking-on-hot-coals seminars at one of our high school reunions. I traded in those tickets (I feared burning my feet) for a motivation speaking thing at the Anaheim Pond (now the Honda Center); several thousand paying customers were there (this was in 1998). Tony Robbins spoke well. Other famous speakers were there including Colin Powell & Donald Trump (he was running for president then also). This is what Trump talked about during most of his "motivational" speech: if you get married, you gotta get a prenuptial agreement! Back to the music: "Fraudulent": I can only make out half of the lyrics, which might be just as well since I'm pretty religious. Instrumentally, most everything sounds good to me. Both songs have good audio quality in my opinion. "Drafted Hell": I've used war sound effects in my tunes myself. Everything sounds good except the vocals clipping (or whatever is happening). I could picture Metallica doing a song similar to this.
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