So I am converting my combo to a head and I wanted the transformer above the amp instead of below. So I had to take it off with all the cables. I made a picture of it and I labled the cables but 4 labels fell of and I lost my phone during the process so I have no way of knowing where all the 7 cables of the transformer need to be attached to.

If anyone has the exact same amp and is willing to just unscrew the 4 screws at the top, slide the amp out of the back a little bit and take a picture of the transformer seen from the inside of the amp. Or the upside. I would be saved for life! Only the G80 XL tho. Not a 'similar' version of the amp like the G120 Xl. It has to be the exact same one.

I doubt you'll find many people with that amp here that could take a picture for you. That being said this thread:


Has a bunch of Crate schematics that might be helpful to you if you can read them. Good luck.

In the future I would recommend taking pictures before you disassemble anything so you have a reference of where things go.
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H4T3BR33D3R Please read the whole thread before you respond. I actually took pictures but later before I needed them I lost my phone.

The schematics are not very useful because I don't know which cable of the transformer is which because there are no colors listed at the cables of the transformer in the schematics. So those are of no use. I figured out that the output cables are now correct but the input cables are not yet. Just 4 cables to choose from so I have 24 options.

I'm sure there are a lot of people on this forum who own the same amp. But as you said, they'll probably not see this.