Hey so I picked up a second hand Dean Custom 350F a while back and I've had problems getting the input jack to stay tightened. Even after tightening it with the socket wrench it's a little loose right after playing for maybe half an hour. Took it to my tech and he pointed out that the jack has some cuts in the grooves and should definitely be replaced. So my question to the community is what quality replacement input jacks are out there on the market that I should pick up for this little project?
Switchcraft is always a good brand. I like to use stereo jacks since they hold the cable a little tighter. Just don't wire up the other terminal.

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i use the non perminant thread locker on things like that.

here ya go: http://www.loctiteproducts.com/p/t_lkr_blue/overview/Loctite-Threadlocker-Blue-242.htm
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ryanbwags thanks for the input. I've ordered the part and hopefully that'll do the trick.

trashedlostfdup I would've tried that if not for the actual jack being cut. So I'll probably replace the jack and then try some thread lock.