I've noticed that quite a few users are asking about making their own videos, I saw this article and I think it will be helpful.
Apparently there are some quite powerful freeware video editing apps that do a lot more complex editing than the built in Windows Movie Maker, so check this out:
I just tried Hitfilm 4 Express. After a bit of learning, was quickly able to make a PIP video with imported audio, of really solid quality. No watermarking on the videos or anything. They might get some of my money.
I edit for a living. Based on my paychecks I'm probably not that good but I do it I mainly use premiere because I have for the last 150 years. Not kidding I was editing with premiere using my trusty Canon GL1 back in the late 90s. 

Anyways this article is 100% accurate.

If your are trying to create on a budget, and lets face it we all are at times, these programs are invaluable.

While I haven't yet worked with HitFilm 3 its feature set and user interface would seem to emulate adobe nicely. I think i would be right at home.

DaVinci Resolve:
   I have a love hate relationship with Resolve. It works rather well, includes industry leading color correction tools, and is free. The layout though and overall interface take a bit getting used to and always fight my adobe roots and training when it come to time saving tricks I've learned to use in adobe.

   I have not worked as much with blender for film editing but I have made the occasianal simple animated rendering with it. If the editor they have built in is anywhere near as powerful as their 'cad' like base program I think this will be seeing more traction and use industry wide.

   Another love hate relationship here. At times I have loved Lightworks. The open source nature of the program makes if feel modular and customizable fitting nicely with my standard workflow style. if it werent for a few quarks, that i would have to dive back into the program to identify here, that kept getting in my way this could have a money saving replacement for my nlve of choice but sadly im just not ready for that kind of commitment.

I have not used the rest but thought I would throw my 2 cents in.

Thanks Joseph, good to hear more opinions on the software.

After reading some other suggestions, I am reminded of the Real Player which is actually a long standing Windows product, that possibly just doesn't enjoy much popularity of late. However, it has a free and easy basic editing, so it might be worth a look:

I just used VSDC to convert some movies for online upload and it worked fine. There is a "hardware acceleration" check that needs to be unchecked from the Properties submenu in order to use the free conversion features. Pretty solid program, a little bit of a learning curve prevented me from delving in straight away.