Im looking for a small amp to take with me during traveling/holidays etc.
after sometime of searching i came across the Blackstar FLY 3 and the Orange Micro Crush PiX CR3
i would be using it mostly for practising and jamming. im mostly looking for some decent cleans to practise with and some distortion to play a bit along with songs. i mostly play metal related things.

Thanks in advance
The fly 3's not bad. Has pretty good cleans and fantastic projection. I actually like to use mine as a stereo for my phone. Comes with an extension speaker if you're willing to spend a little extra. Mine typically comes to college with me and does pretty well in the closed practice rooms.
I play on a 3 and it's pretty spiffy. Gets plenty loud and battery life is good. Real nice clean tone, however the distortion is underwhelming. You need to bring the gain to 10 and turn on OD just to really get anything out of it on that front.
id like for a line 6 pod of some sort and use some ehadphones.
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Would they be able to handle the low b string on a sevenstring? Often get buzzing with cheap amps on the cleans