Hey all, I created a GuitarPro tab of the theme from the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind trailer theme for piano. I tried to submit it but I didn't get any kind of confirmation or see it posted in the pending area (which I know takes votes to get approved from there). Is there typically a lag time and thus I should just be patient or is there a large amount of user error on my part that needs correcting? I want to get this up for peeps pronto so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
I thought you have to have at least one approved tab to check the Tabs Pending Approval page...?

Either way, this is the wrong place for this question. But I just checked and it's not in the TPA. Just submit it again.
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Thanks, I submitted again. I doesn't show up on my own "tabs submitted" section either. Not sure what the issue is.
Ahh, seventh time is a charm it seems. I finally got a page saying it was submitted. Thanks for the help!