I'm looking forward to buy a Marshall Mustang I V2 and i was wondering if it would be loud enough to be heard over a drummer. If not, is the Mustang II ok?
Thanks fo the help
It would need to have more wattage, but if you are serious about starting a band and playing with drummers, I would save for a nicer amp!
The 1's a bedroom only amp and rightly so considering what you probably paid for it. I'd think at least a Mustang 2 @ 40W w/ 12 inch speaker should be enough for playing/jamming ($199). A lot of amp for the money and I hear the Marshall models are pretty nice as well as the Fender ones. For the money you won't be able to touch it in a tube amp which will cost a fair bit more even used.
Moving on.....
See if you can find a used Fender Mustang III v.2 in very good to excellent condition. GC often has them really marked down. New ones are often on sale for the July 4th Summer Sale at many stores. The Mustang III can get very loud as it has 100 watts and a good 12" Celestion Speaker. It also has an easy to use on-board LCD control screen, 100 Presets, 17 Amp Profiles, and 44 Effects, plus 1/4" TRS Effects Loop Send/Return jacks, and an XLR Line Out. Even used ones from GC (and perhaps others) will get you a satisfaction return duration of, I believe, at least 30 or 45 days. Best to check with the store.

If you have a PC or Mac you can download the Free Fender FUSE software to update the firmware, if needed. FUSE also lets you edit and control the amp, download/upload Presets from/to the Fender FUSE on-line community. If you have an Android Tablet or Smartphone the REMUDA App is the way to go. REMUDA brings even more features for full editing and deep amp control and has features FUSE lacks. Both software alternatives work with all the Mustang amps.
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Second the 50 watt need for a SS Amp. My first rig was a 50 watt Spider III, many years ago. You are really going to have to crank it to get over some drummers, and all your channels better have Volume settings that are on the same level.... its a hassle.

The absolute minimum tube wattage that I have seen clear an average-loudness-drummer is about 10 watts. You really have to crank it though. I gigged with a Tiny Terror at 15 watts and had plenty of room to clear the drummer. You don't get a lot of clean headroom. You get 15-30 watts tubed, you'll be fine unless you're looking for shimmering cleans - and in that case you need a Blackface fender and some serious cash.
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