Hello! The video production is very nice. The tone is not bad either but it's kinda hard to listen to for 4 minutes. Definitely needs EQing.

The song is rather repetitive. I bet you imagined vocals on it - kinda obvious for me as a musician as well, hehe. The drums and bass requires work too. Demoing the pedal goal has been achieved but the song needs more work. I feel like the part at 3. minute mark can go on for a bit longer.

Also there're some synchronization problems from time to time.

It sounded like a stronger, Slayer-like song to me. You should definitely continue working on it and it will become a very good song!

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Thank you for commenting. I ckecked your stuff out too)
But can you be more specific about work on drums and bass?
Hey bud, sure. Please keep in mind these are mere comments and hardly an attempt to give you perspective. Make sure to ignore them if you feel intact with the material

I'd say use a better MIDI drum libraray, like Superior Drummer 2.4 or Studio Drummer, even Steven Slate Drums (SSD4) if you can. Humanize the MIDI also, except the snare (the low velocities lack the punch metal music requires.

For bass, I barely could pick it up. I hear there's a bass track but it's so far down in the mix, I can't make a face, per se. You could probably cut the low-end on your guitars to give the bass more room and then boost the bass' correct frequency there to make it pop. And perhaps some aux fuzz channel for the bass to make it blend with the metal guitars? Just opinions ofcourse.

Keep up the good work!
Hello there.

I liked the general feel of this - it has a cool heavy thrash edge to it. I would agree with most of what sammetry said above - some eq would be good, and some more volume on the bass, perhaps with a little carve out of the lower guitar frequencies to give it room. The drums didnt feel too bad for me, although they felt a little removed from the rest of the track in a way. Perhaps a touch of reverb on he kit would make it feel more part of the song.

Anyway, good stuff all the same. If you fancy checking out my track it's here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1704165

EY8CC K so you have the same issue I had, which is that you cant mic a home drum kit and make it sound like a studio quality one (unless you have great mics) and that superior drummer can get quite repetitive. I would suggest investing in an electronic drum kit, and then plugging that in. I would say, to save money, get a cheap kit and then a better brain (which is what I did, sounds great). As for mixing, I would suggest getting nuendo or Cubase and getting the waves plugin pack (it has everything, and the eqs and such are great). I use it for my band and it sounds great. Anyways, great song.
Hey man!

Sounds great! Badass Riffing!! Would sound even better with some vocals!

Hey mate,

Your playing is good, its a nice version of classic 80s metal, and the production is pretty good. It needs vocals in my opinion; none of the melodies/riffs really carry the attention completely, but they would support a good vocal line really well. Your video is pretty good, but I reckon you need to go crazier! Make people want to watch, not just have them think its an okay video, make them think its a brilliant video

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Thank you guys!
I want to add vocals to all my songs but I can't do it yet. I am taking vocal lessons and as soon as I am ready I will record vocals. Nobody wanna listen to crapy vocals, right?

Do you have any ideas to make videos crazier and make people watch them?
I am open to suggestions
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Move around, facial expressions, maybe have more people in them playing stuff and interact with them, anything goes!
Your tone has very nice clarity, but I feel it's lacking some high frequencies.

You have some nice riffs here and there, but they sound kinda put together without much thought most of the times. The beginning of the solo, for example, relies a lot on intervals the rest of the song does not, which makes it sound very disconnected from the rest of the song. Not saying you shouldn't use these riffs in the same song, but there's some lacking glue in between them lots of times. Some drum fills and short bars preparing for the next part are things I feel missing in your song. Vocals could also help in this department.

There are some times where the instruments don't fit together very well. Like @2:02, the drums' rhythm uses notes with the same value all the time, while the guitar throws some notes with lower values here and there and that creates a sort of "rhythmic dissonance". You can see that parts like @2:11, where the drums and guitar work closer together, sound a lot better.
If you're no drummer and are just using MIDI libraries and such, I'd advise you to take a step back and learn some drums. Not necessarily learn to play them, but just studying what drummers do, and how they do it, will be a huge step forward for you. You may also alternatively work alongside a drummer if you think it would be better.
Hey hey hey, dat old school thrashy riff
I didn't really like the tone. My twin guitarist has the same pedal running through a behringer combo, seems to make it edgier (without raping the gain)

The solo was pretty okay, but the tone really killed it.

I suppose you didn't EQ it (as this is a demo), but hey, at least you can tell EQing is love, EQing is life on this one.

Video production is nice, keeps the whole thing going.

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