I cringe at the thought of those Drills at the dentist's, Mannnnnnnnn! The way it feels on your teeth and that noise it makes. Just frightful.
when i got my wisdom teeth removed they put me under
straight injection into my arm

they started working on my teeth and i started blacking out, like i could my body drifting backwards and then i just passed out for like an hour
i woke up pretty high, i was saying weird shit and laughing at everything lol
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When I was much younger, twice.

Once for an extraction, following a collision between me on my bike and a lamppost, and the other time because I was supposed to get fissure sealant done and bit the dentist.
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ever had laughing gas or sedation at the dentist

When I was abround 12 I had some baby teeth that wouldn't fall out naturally. They gave me a general anesthetic while they pulled them out. A couple of years later I had two adult teeth pulled under local anesthetic to make space to have a brace fitted. I have also had numerous fillings done under local anesthetic. Probably benzocaine.

I have never been given laughing gas by a dentist but I have inhaled it recreationaly. Didn't do anything for me.
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I used to get laughing gas all the time when I was a kid because my teeth were fucked up and I had to get several pulled and have some surgery and braces, etc. It was fun times though, I would be laughing and saying dumb shit while they were trying to work on my teeth.

broke a tooth in half and had an exposed nerve. needed a root canal.

dentist put the gas thing over my nose and told me to breathe normally.

i breathed deeply.

cackled through the entire procedure like Mark Hamill's Joker.

got knocked out when i had my wisdom teeth pulled. woke up a little groggy, but didn't have a lot of side effects like my brother.

when he had his done he was arguing incoherently with the dental assistant about getting out of the wheelchair, went on for hours about how his shirt had gotten back on, then did a cartwheel in the parking lot while insisting he was ok to drive home.
I was put out for wisdom teeth extraction 4 at once plus a fifth tooth that had become broken because one of the wisdom teeth had grown into it. I mostly remember counting backward from ten then waking up after it was over there were a few semi conscious moments where I could see bright light and blurred vision of the nurse and oral surgeon above me and vague indistinguishable talking.
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