Can any guitar techs offer any advice for shows? Just got picked up as a guitar tech for a friend's outdoor show next friday (I'm a sound engineer by trade) and am not extremely familiar with what needs to be done. I can set up/take down gear but what generally needs to be done during the show?
Generally a guitar tech takes care of everything having do with a performers guitar and gear. That can be anything from setting up amps to changing guitar strings or tuning a guitar off stage when needed, tacking down stray hums coming from the amp or in some cases even activating effects off stage during songs. It's a lot of jobs tucked under the heading of guitar tech and depends on the artist. It's something that generally requires a great deal of experience and broad knowledge about all related guitar issues. That's on a pro level. Go on YouTube and look for "Rig Rundown" videos where they interview a big name artists guitar tech. There are a lot of these videos.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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