Hello, i have a multi-effects pedal, it has 3 holes, input, output(phones) and control in. If i connect my guitar to the input hole and the amp to the output(phones) it kind of works, the signal gets cut down after 2 seconds and i cant play a note or a chord for more than 2 seconds. If i connect my guitar to the input and the amp to the control in, nothing happens! What could be the proper configuration?
What multi fx do you have? If it's meant to bu used with an amp there should be just a plain line out also.
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The "holes" are called "jacks".
I suspect the control jack is for an expression pedal that can be set up to control certain programed parameters like wah, delay or other effects in real time.
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Turn your output signal level down. Way Down.
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The control jack is not an audio signal. Sounds like maybe you have a noise gate enabled that is killing your signal as soon as it goes down a bit.
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The "holes" are called "jacks".

Or jackholes
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