Hey -
I listened to the whole EP, and I honestly enjoyed it fully. I'm going to purchase the mp3s, although is there any chance you could get it up on spotify? Anyway, really good work, my favorite was two sides.
Cool Ep. The production and overall sound are top notch, this is some high quality stuff right here! And the music sounds like it would be super fun at gigs. I love the ''punch'' this music has, I bet you guys could also play some cool gigs with some Psychobilly bands! Keep this shit going, I would love to see you guys in Germany some time
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Fun stuff, sorta Surf-Punk crossover. If you guys are looking for mgmt, send a link to Bruce Duff at Knitting Factory Management. He is an old friend and I think it's right up his alley.

"Your sound is in your hands as much as anything. It's the way you pick, and the way you hold the guitar, more than it is the amp or the guitar you use." -- Stevie Ray Vaughan

"Anybody can play. The note is only 20 percent. The attitude of the motherfucker who plays it is 80 percent." -- Miles Davis

Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
thank you! we're currently signed, but we'll definitely look into that!
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