Planning my first pedal board. I'm going to purchase a DigiTech Whammy, ProCo Rat, Behringer DD400, Behringer TU300, Dunlop Crybaby Wah and T-Rex Fuel Tank 10 way, and I was going to purchase a Classic JR Pedaltrain but I'm not sure if that would accommodate all the pedals. Also recommend any better pedals or any that I'm missing.

Many thanks!
Eh, there are better pedals than Behringers and standard Crybabies, but for the most part you either have to be very savvy about shopping used or commit to spending a fair bit more money to get them. Look into Boss and Electro Harmonix and get used to trawling eBay if you want good pedals on a budget.

Regarding what you're missing, there's not really such a thing - what you're missing depends entirely on what sounds you're trying to get. It's also largely irrelevant if your amp sounds like ass - so what are you running these into?

Regarding the size of the pedalboard, I doubt you'd manage to fit that all on the Classic Jr Pedaltrain, but take a look at their Pedalboard Planner (pedalboardplanner.com) and you can find out what you need for yourself. If you haven't already, also try to get a decent idea of pedal order - a very basic outline is that most people go (starting from the guitar) tuner, wah, overdrives, distortions/fuzzes, modulation, delay, although it is slightly a matter of taste.
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I'm going to run these through a Marshall VS8100 and Marshall AVT412XA. I went for Behringers and a standard Crybaby as those are pretty basic starter pedals, and I'm constantly trawling through eBay for any good pedals aswell on a bargain, as who doesn't love a good bargain! Thanks for that website by the way, it really helped! And I have a rough idea as to what order I would have the pedals.
Don't completely disregard the idea of building a pedalboard, either. I got a slatted board and some velcro from Michaels and it holds my VP Jr, 535q Wah, TS9, NS-2, DD-7, and MXR 10 Band EQ (which everyone needs btw), and it only cost me like $60. IKEA also has some small crates and stuff you can pretty easily modify, especially if you're mounting your power supply on the bottom, then you'd definitely want some clearance. Also, pancake jack cables can save you a bit of space, as well.
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i wouldn't buy the behringer pedals. they are cheap for a reason. i don't like crybaby wahs either, but they are workable. most (if not all) of behringer stuff made is trash.

+1 to ghost, pedalboards can be made relitively easily and reltively cheaply too.

i would put the money from the pedaltrain into pedals and a home made board.

google "ikea gorm pedalboard" or somthing like that.
jackholden987 Have a gander at "Mooer" mini pedals - Hustle Drive [OCD] and Green Mile [Tubescreamer]. The Hustle drive and Tubescreamer combine well (with my Strat and LP) - both on at the same time!!.
The Hustle Drive was £37 and the Green Mile £42. Or you could try the Ibanez mini tube screamer. I'd also recommend their yellow compressor and "Cruncher". The Funky Monkey autowah needed a separate isolated channel on its own (in a daisy chain it sounded like squadron leader Biggles was flying overhead.....persued by the Luftwaffe]. Oh, and I like the Orange phase too. I own all these pedals.

Guitar - Wahter WAH Pedal - Yellow Comp - Hustle Drive - Green Mile - Cruncher - Blade - Funky Monkey - Orange - Eleclady - Ensemble King chorus - AnaEcho delay - AMP [Fender Bassbreaker 007 or Spider set on "red crunch"]
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