So I've had this hot-rodded Memphis guitar for over 20 years. I love the thing...for a $20 guitar, it's got the lowest, smoothest action of any guitar I've ever had. Throw in the EMG pickups I wired into this thing (also picked up for $20 in high school), and it's almost magic.

But over the years I've lost some parts to the locking nut. And it's NOT a Floyd Rose or other common system, so nobody in guitar shops I've visited knows how to find replacement parts. I know I can replace the entire locking nut, but if by chance someone out there knows what kind of lock nut this is offhand, I'd rather scour the internetz and find a direct replacement

Here's the lock nut:

Entire Nut: 13mm W
Tabs: 13.5mm W x 7.9mm H
This is quite a bit narrower than Floyd Rose locking nuts.
This is not a locking nut, but a "behind the nut string lock" and it's probably a Kahler. Check with wammiworld.com