My first solo project, I kind of just went with the flow and played what I thought sounded right to me, so there's quite a few influences present throughout. Would be great to get some opinions and feedback for future tracks!

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Lazer, your song definitely has a Santana/Muse feel to it (I don't know who Deafhaven is haha). First off, when the heavy section kicks in like at 1:28, I would advise you to be careful with the amount of reverb you use on the guitars. For the first part where there is not a lot going on, it's more acceptable because it creates space and ambiance, but too much can create a wall of undefined sound (which we don't always want). You'd be surprised at how removing some reverb can sometimes make everything more cohesive.Also in the sections where everything is going at the same time, it becomes hard to hear the drums. They sound pretty good, maybe lower the overheads a touch, but they are overpowered by the guitars, which seem to be competing with the bass. When you're EQing, make sure you create space for each instrument. It's easier to accomplish than one may think. It's just a matter of cutting at one frequency for one instrument and (if needed) boosting that frequency for another. The low end is probably the most difficult of any mix to get right, but with time, you will get it. I did enjoy the song though, and great playing. I hope you make more.

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Hey man,

The title of your forum post grabbed my attention instantly. I'm a big fan of Santana and Deafheaven, so I had to give this a listen. Your playing is very expressive. The lead guitar tone has a bit of an off-in-the-distance feel which I really dig. The track seemed to become a bit boomy at 1:30. I felt the cymbal patterns in this track could use a bit more variation in velocity. The tremolo section at 3:45 was excellent. Overall, this was a very enjoyable listen.

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