Okay, so now that I have nobody's attention...

anyway, two days I learned that my brother passed away, either slipped and bashed his head open on a table or had an aneurysm pop before crashing into the... anyhow, the saddest part is that this happened after he had, once again, been to a hospital due to his borderline and in the end it wasn't some borderline inspired suicidal bullshit that - ech, whatever. Bottom line is: I am switching from sad to angry as shit and vice versa by the minute and the only thing that I can kinda do is write some music and this is probably, as the title would suggest, some of the most generic Strato-esque power metal that I ever wrote but it's what my brain came up with in the heat of the moment and without thinking. Soooo, ya, I remember power metal not being the most cherished style here but I just kinda feel like I have to do something, anything to occupy my mind at the moment. Didn't yet finish all the lyrics for the song, only the chorus and bridge parts plus they probably suck and are wayyyy to kitschy anyway.


Oh, yeah, will of course C4C if I am still around by then, haha...
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I like how you expanded on the theme in the beginning and at later points in the song. Are you going to get someone to play the keyboard part at bar 82? lol It's pretty fast for most people to play accurately I think. For some reason, I think fast arpeggios would sound really cool in the chorus finale. The melodic guitar parts and the layering tones make it feel like a power-metal song. One thing I would say is that the verse chord progression may not be the most original sounding chord progression you could use. I don't mean it should change, because it does sound good, and maybe that's what the power metal sound is created from, for the most part, and it's unavoidable. What I do when I want to change something without changing it drastically is to use chord substitutions and I find out what works from there.

C4C, I've been working on this song and if you could critique it, I would appreciate your comments: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1704384
AlErDz5 said most of the technical stuff I would have mentioned so I won't repeat. I like this song a lot, to be quite honest. My main gripe with some power metal styled music these days (or back in the day, whatever..) is that they'd basically wank out some harmonized lead, throw some keys behind it and called a song. Whereas what you've done here is think about melody and how the chords harmonize, which I've got to say is refreshing. To me at least.

I guess this could be considered pretty generic, but you know what? You wrote it from an emotional place and it shows through in the quality of the composition. That is far more important than being progressive for the sake of it. Let's be honest.

Oh and I love that outro with the bells. Nice choice haha.
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