Seems to be good feedback on the DSL40C but I note that feedback is mixed on the more expensive JVM amps. Does anyone know if the JVM combos can nail the DSL40C tone? I understand the JVM series is supposed to be more flexible but that the DSL40C has that "marshall sound".
No it can't. I owned a JVM215C for a few years. No matter what I did (new tubes, new speaker, external speaker cab) it never had that "classic" Marshall tone that a DSL has. The JVM had a lower midrange frequency peak that couldn't be dialed out.
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Since when is a DSL the "classic" Marshall sound?

To me it's more classic Marshall than the JVM series. If you think otherwise that's fine.
I think the green channel of the DSL definitely has a classic Marshall sound.
OK, sounds like I need to go try a DSL. The price point is low enough that I might actually be able to convince my wife that I can "afford it". My only reservation from a design perspective is the shared EQ.
DSL is great. However Megadeth use JVMs and that's a Marshall tone as much as Slayers is on a JCM.
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They are two fairly different amps. I'd say you could get something approaching a DSL sound with the JVM, but it definitely is going to sound like a JVM no matter what. FWIW, I also think the DSL (the old ones, I haven't tried the new ones much) sounded a lot better than the JVMs.
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DSL is great. However Megadeth use JVMs and that's a Marshall tone as much as Slayers is on a JCM.

You're behind the times, Megadeth use all Axe-Fx, thus the dry and lifeless sound on their last album, especially the leads...yuk. You could tell it is digital multifx from a mile away. In interviews they both say (Dave and Kiko) that they've moved to Axe-Fx.