Hey I just released my first full-length album on Bandcamp. https://dizchu.bandcamp.com/album/past-tense

It's a mixture of black/progressive/symphonic/melodic death metal with a sci-fi theme and wacky song structures. Give it a listen if this interests you, and if not... well that's cool too I suppose!

I don't intend to make a living doing this, it's just a bit of fun.
I dig it. Pretty quality black metal production especially for being self-recorded like you said. Motion Blur is a cool instrumental, but I think my favorite is Tundra by a decent amount. I like the song structure and the atmosphere is pretty damn dark. The opening melody is really solid as well. Well done.

You might check out my solo project as well if you have a minute.

That's pretty sick man. You've got a good sense for keeping your tracks engaging and building tension in the music. Not everyone can write a 9 minute song and keep it interesting the whole way through. You have more talent than you think.