We are a metal band following the visuals of american glam rock and japanese visual kei. We play power metal and symphonic metal. We are in search of a second guitarist with optional vocals ages 21-35

Specifically we're looking for someone who can play both rhythm and lead equally. In the lineup, we don't use lead, or backup, or rhythm. It depends on the song. Intermediate skill level is fine, so long as you know some type of theory you're good to go!

Overall, we four are fun musicians looking for likewise fun dudes to make this band work. Drug free, sober when it comes to practice because my house is off limits for substances. Otherwise, geek out, make music and hope this band goes somewhere. If interested, drop me a line.

I cannot stress this enough. There is costumes involved. Pictures show what is planned. Please be prepared for costumes, characters and performance-art. Its important. Otherwise, we will be wasting our time for when it comes down to sitting in my designer friend's office to do costume designs and measurements for you to suddenly NOT want to go the distance.

Please don't change the subject title of the contact. Also, it will benefit us all if you had a msger other thab email. All messenger aps are free. Aim, Kik, yahoo. Its important for contact and keeping reference of who reaches out. Thanks and hope to hear from you!