I have an issue with my new Bullet Strat. The space between the 3rd and 4th strings is noticeably larger than all of the other spaces. I am new to playing and I don't want to get used to this. How can I adjust the spacing? Pictures linked below. Thanks!


Saddle screws are high on one side of the 3rd/4th strings, and in and of itself shouldn't be a problem.
From what I understand, having the action via the saddles should kinda follow the radius of the fretboard. There are kits, but honestly, you can find some Allen wrenches for dirt cheap at your local hardware store.

Now, if you mess with the action at all, it will affect your tuning, so each string that's adjusted on the bridge will need to be re-tuned.
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Thanks! I also noticed the gap. Now, how do I move the saddles?
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Thanks! I also noticed the gap. Now, how do I move the saddles?

^^^^^ I've done that, but using something a little bit lighter than a lump hammer.

That kind of sideways movement happens when adjusting saddle height, due to the twisting effect where the screw contacts the base plate. The safest way is to let off the string tension, line the saddles up and then tune it up again.
Tony Done

Thanks, Tony. I will try that tonight. I can push the saddle over with my fingernail, but it goes right back when I let go. I haven't tried releasing the string tension though.